Being a southwestern state, Arizona is greatly influenced by a considerable number of immigrant populations. Among the settlers who migrated to the state came from the Middle East region. Lebanese Americans constitute a large part of the total number of Arab Americans residing in the U.S.

The 2008-2009 American Community Survey Rating from the U.S. Census Bureau declares that the estimated Arab American Population in Arizona is not lower than 32,000.  The largest community is Moroccan comprising 34% of the said population. Six percent of the Arab Americans came from Lebanon, 10% originated from Sudan, 16% from Iraq, 6% from Egypt, 2% from Syria, 1% from Palestinian territories, and 20% from other countries such as Bahrain, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen, Kuwait and Algeria.

Given these facts, even you will notice the diversity of Arab communities in Arizona. We see, feel, and experience this diversity and as an organization founded from goodwill, we want to create a change and make the Arab community in Arizona and the other cultural communities as well become more interconnected.

We believe that we can become more cohesive by having one primary resource center that will connect each and one of us.

Larza’s objective is to become the foremost information hub not just of the Lebanese Americans residing in Arizona but also of the other Arab or Middle Eastern communities and all the other cultural societies in Arizona.

The online website, www.larza.org, endeavors to be the main source of information that will connect the members of the Lebanese American community with the members of other communities. We believe that this objective will be achieved by simply doing what everyone is supposed to do: Communicate, Share, and Inspire.

We Connect

Newsletter. To send our messages across, we will be having monthly newsletters to be sent via e-mail to all subscribers. The newsletter will cover the latest news and happenings inside and outside the community.

We Share

Community News. The Community News section welcomes members to submit news and reports about different matters of interest. This is an easy and enriching way to share knowledge and cultivate awareness and understanding of current issues.

Business Directory. A business directory is present in the website to serve as an online business listing for establishments, enterprises, small businesses owned and operated by Lebanese Americans in Arizona. Special and professional service providers are also encouraged to list their services in the listing. The business directory is set up to make the different services and merchandise offered by Lebanese American providers known throughout the state. Because of the physical distance of homes and communities, the directory will greatly help in keeping people informed of the culturally appropriate products and services available around them.

Upcoming Events Listing. This listing enables all members to post occasions, gatherings, cultural affairs, and other events in the Larza calendar. Through this listing, more community members will be aware of the opportunities to socialize and make friends or do business and create partnerships.

We Inspire

Question & Answer Board. This section is dedicated to making members interact actively with each other. The forum-like board allows members to post and answer questions, share opinions and concerns, and discuss basically anything that interests them. This board could be a gateway to making friends, helping out, and inspiring other people.

We connect, we share, and we inspire; these are what we do.