Short History About Lebanon

Arizona And Lebanon LocationsThe country of Lebanon is located on the East side of the Mediterranean Sea, in the continent of Asia. Lebanon is one of 22 of the Arabic countries in the World. Lebanon is a beautiful country filled with mountains, Cedar trees and small rivers flowing between villages.

The special Cedar Tree stands as an important symbol on the Lebanese flag.  A tree stands steady and still in the ground, strongly and deeply rooted. As a Cedar Tree stands tall on the Lebanese flag, this represents strength, courage and determination. Cedar Trees are the most seen trees in the country of Lebanon. Lebanese people stand tall like their Cedar Trees and wave their flag with pure strength for their country.

Arabic is the number one spoken language in Lebanon. French is the second language spoken in Lebanon. Why is that?  In the year of 1920, the French proclaimed the creation in Beirut. Then in 1922, the Lebanese elected a local Representative Council, which drew up the Lebanese Constitution under French supervision. This Constitution was approved by the French in 1926. For a few decades Lebanon was under the French Mandate. Students were taught in the Arabic and French language. Many Lebanese immigrants move from Lebanon to the United States of America with knowledge of the French language because Lebanon was once under the French supervision. In the year 1943, Lebanon became independent from the French Mandate. President Beshara el-Khouri then took the role of Presidency. He passed the National Pact and represented Lebanon as an independent country. The history of Lebanon traces back to World War I and the destruction of the Allies to take control of the political map of the world.

With the location of Lebanon being closely located to the Mediterranean Sea, its history traces back to a very important position for trading amongst other countries. The Phoenicians carried this trade for many centuries, traveling up and down the sea importing and exporting with other countries such as the Crusaders, Byzantine, Romans, and the Persians.

Lebanon is a beautiful country located in the continent of Asia in the Middle East. Its tall rocky mountains draw spectacular low land and high land areas in the villages. As you move higher up in the mountains, elevation changes and increases, which means that there is colder weather in the Lebanese mountains. Rivers flow freely through the villages. Lebanon is filled with strong, tall Cedar Trees. Cedar Trees are used as Christmas Trees, with the presents lying under the tree. This represents the country of Lebanon as a gift to the World.

Special Thanks To Zena Sobh for providing the community with this article.