Meet The Team

Larza was first formed by Lebanese American professionals residing in Arizona who noticed how the extensive community gets too spread out. The founding members were composed of doctors, engineers, professors, business owners, students, and housewives who shared the same sentiment that the community’s distance is no longer healthy and that there is a genuine need for the community to be more cohesive.

So in an effort to strengthen the partnership among the Lebanese American community in Arizona, Larza was formed.

The Larza team offers its services not just to Lebanese Americans in Arizona but also to other interested individuals or groups. The website is not just for Americans of Lebanese descent. We welcome all other American ethnicities especially Middle-Eastern Arabic communities.

While we do not require membership, the team highly encourages interested parties to sign up for the monthly newsletter and register to join the Larza Community.

The Larza team is diligently working to uphold the values of the Lebanese American community in Arizona. The team dedicates itself in preserving and enriching the Lebanese heritage whilst establishing a harmonious relationship with the rest of the cultural societies in the state.

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