Larza is an organization formed from and for the Lebanese Americans living in Arizona.  Our founding members are American professionals of Lebanese ancestry who reside in the The Grand Canyon State.

Larza – The Lebanese Community Organization

As an online representative of the Lebanese American community in Arizona, we aim to become the fundamental community resource website where Lebanese Americans can demonstrate their participation in building a more unified broader community in the valley.

Larza is established to serve as a connection between communities in Arizona. We intend to create tools that will help Lebanese Americans assimilate themselves with the American culture while preserving their own traditions, customs, beliefs and interests and mutually benefit the American Arizonian community as a whole. We, as Lebanese Americans, will strive to make our community the best in its environment.

Larza Resource Center

We are neither after profit nor fame. We only intend to raise awareness, solidarity, and harmony. We intend to raise the quality of relationship between communities by promoting collaborative activities. We are here to help without limitations or boundaries.

As a virtual community, Larza aims to achieve its goals by making the website a comprehensive go-to resource center not just for the Lebanese Americans in Arizona but also for all the people residing in the state. The online site will be a comforting and accommodating place to:

  • Get updated with the latest news and happenings in the Lebanese community of Arizona.
  • Be informed of the products, services and businesses offered in the region.
  • Advertise and share knowledge and skills that will communally benefit the Arizonian community.
  • Create links and associations to help build a more unified community.

It is Larza’s commitment to cultivate cohesion while empowering the Lebanese American community to interact and share their knowledge, skills, business and services with other cultural societies.

Being a full resource website, Larza presents an all-inclusive information online facility where members and non-members alike can gain useful facts, records, information, services, and opportunities beneficial not just to Lebanese Americans but also to all the residents in Arizona. Those who intend to move to Arizona and everyone who is interested in learning more about the state and its people can find help from Larza.

Larza Virtual Community

Larza takes pride in being non-sectarian and non-political in its membership and objectives. The core of our vision, mission, and goals is to form a better Arizonian community by promoting harmony, security, and success.

Larza will serve as a friendly and supportive online environment where Lebanese Americans as well as other members of the different cultural societies in Arizona interact and associate, and help and be of service to one another.  By having a virtual community like Larza, connecting to other Lebanese Americans as well as to other American Arabic and Middle Eastern communities in the valley would be quicker and more efficient.

Larza will be the bridge that connects, the bond that sticks together, and the source that disseminates valuable information to make the Arizonian community a better place to live in.