We acknowledge the fact that there are many local, state, and regional organizations, associations and groups who are committed to the same advocacy that we campaign for. Larza is open to forming affiliations with other groups and organizations with objectives similar to ours.

We welcome the exchange of ideas and efforts and it would a pleasure for us to work together with our like-minded partners.

If your group, association, or organization has the same mission and function as us, please feel free to send us a message. Let us create an affiliate network that works together towards the attainment of our goals. Let us collaborate and exchange best practices and work together to promote peace and harmony within and outside our communities.

Let us help you explore the benefits of the affiliate program.

  • Your affiliation will bring in opportunity for collaboration, networking, and leadership.
  • Your affiliation will increase the visibility of your products or services and will help promote your advocacies.
  • You can publish organization’s accomplishments and activities in our newsletter.
  • Your affiliation will bring prestige and legitimacy to your organization as you get linked with us.

We’re proud to present our affiliate business services and organization:

Muslim Voice Newspaper


Al-Sawet Al-Aarabi Newspaper

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Become a Larza affiliate now. Affiliation is absolutely FREE of charge. Contact us to know more about your interest.